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Who we are

The Construction SAVCO team has acquired many years of experience in residential and commercial construction. Whether we are working on a new construction or renovation project, respecting budgets and timelines are a primary objective. In fact, at Construction SAVCO, we assess workloads in realistic fashion and are committed to respecting the established budget. We also provide our customers with weekly follow-ups to keep them informed of the work in progress.

Our work ethics and our desire to innovate, as well as our compliance with all applicable residential and commercial construction standards,ensure a unique, quality service. In addition, we offer GCR (Garantie de construction résidentielle) guarantees and are certified NovoClimat2.0. Both of these certifications, which apply to new constructions, confirm our desire to provide our customers with services that meet the highest standards of quality

At Construction SAVCO, we have also developed a specialty: the construction of Timber Frame buildings. This building method gives a unique cachet to all types of realizations, both residential and commercial. For that matter, our model home, located in Lanaudière, about 50 minutes from Montreal, is a BC Fir timber frame house.

Come visit us to find out more about timber frames and to discover the range of our services.

Who we are